Our Mission

To provide help, hope and support to disadvantaged children locally, regionally and internationally.


Relief/Emergency Efforts

Local Aid Activities

Locally, our activities have included helping children with life-threatening illnesses and disabilities, as well as supporting local education initiatives.

  • Financial aid to children with life-threatening illness;
  • Purchasing specialized uninsured equipment for children with disabilities;
  • Funding the FTLOCS Aerospace School at the Calgary Aerospace Museum
  • The Annual Santa’s Xpress Christmas Party
  • Building Playgrounds

International Aid Activities

Internationally, FTLOCS has been active in Asia, Africa, the Americas and in the Middle East. Our activities include both short-term disaster relief and long-term community development programs.

Building schools and orphanages around the world.

The Society helps the community to build and renovate schools, orphanages or other required infrastructure. With every project, we work as much as possible with local citizens and their businesses in order to best meet their needs and to create a sense of accomplishment as a community. Currently, we fund 63 schools and orphanages in countries such as India, Nepal, the Philippines, Peru, Colombia, Kenya,Afghanistan, Haiti, Honduras, Egypt, Lebanon and Zambia.

Emergency Disaster Relief.

The Society has taken emergency medicine and supplies to countries including Sri Lanka, Haiti, Japan, Kashmir, Mexico, Peru and Sudan after natural disasters such as tsunamis, droughts and earthquakes. In many of these communities, the short-term relief mission becomes a long-term friendship. With every project that we undertake, we realize that it is we, the volunteers, who get the most out of helping those children who live in situations unacceptable in this age of great wealth. By sharing a little of what we have, we aim to secure a better future for everyone.

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