Short Biography of Mr. ASHID KUMAR BAHL

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has given him the name of Tenzin Sandup “Tenzin is his name and Sandup means that if he asks for something it shall be granted as he doesn’t ask anything for himself-The Masai Tribe call him Sanare- He is accepted by all people no mater what their faith or background.

Mr. Bahl was only 11 years old when he used to give his toys and his lunch away to poor children in his school in Kenya-East Africa- and the process of giving never stopped for him. For the past 32 years as the founder of For the Love of Children Society-Canada-he has helped over 100,000 children who live in poverty, abuse, neglect and those who are homeless around the world for the past 32years. He wanted to show that even one person can make a big difference and never paid himself or his members to do the charitable work. He built – supports 64 schools and orphanages around the world apart from supplying essentials like food, medical aid, water wells, educational supplies, electricity to mention a few. Some of the schools or orphanages were so touched by his generosity & compassion that they named the schools after him.

It was not just a matter of building schools or orphanages, he needed the support of the whole community and in many cases helped make the community stronger by providing them with clean water, electricity, livestock to mention a few. His overseas projects, which have taken the society to countries & cities like Kenya, Tanzania, Honduras, Mexico, India, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Madras, Arunachal Pradesh, Ahmednagar, Tibet, Philippines, Nepal, Egypt, Peru, Bogota Columbia, Haiti, Japan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, China, Zambia, Sudan, Johannesburg, Guatemala apart from Canada which have proven to be very successful. It got harder and harder to work in different countries because of the political unrest, corruption and terrorism. Many a time his life was at risk. He went to help the victims in countries hit with natural disasters like Sir Lanka, Mexico, Peru, Haiti, Kashmir, Kenya and Japan days after the devastation.

Children in war torn countries like Afghanistan, Sudan or Lebanon were also helped by providing food, clothing, shelter, medical aid and education. In case of some of the natural disasters he was the first Canadian NGO to go and help the victims. He raised over 15 million dollars mostly by his own resourcefulness over the years.

In Canada he has helped children who are suffering from high risk, life threatening illnesses by providing them with specialized alternative treatments and equipment not found in Canada or not accessible due to financial constraints. Each year in Canada he helped children like Joel and Aaron with Cerebral Palsy who can walk for the first time with the help of a specialized walker – Adel a three month old baby received a special formula for her congenital heart defect – Natalie Smith with Cerebral Palsy received hyperbaric oxygen therapy and thus is able to walk talk and even ride a tricycle which she was not able to do before – Ericka a twelve year old girl fighting cancer had her wish come true by Mr. Bahl who built a big park with a playground in her neighborhood for underprivileged children, she felt bad for the children as they had to line up to use her swing set in her back yard – The list goes on and on – This improved the quality of life for many children and in many eases saved their lives. He set up different recreational programs to improve their quality of life also by having events like Santa’s Express and the annual picnic for sick children from the children’s hospital apart from building playgrounds.

The Aero Space School was started to teach school children the history of aviation, also sending one bright student to Houston for the space program out of NASA(he received-2012 Mayors’ Excellence Award). In addition to this in 1980 he helped settle approximately 19,000 refugees and new Immigrants coming from Vietnam, Russia, Poland, Cambodia, Africa, etc.

He volunteered countless hours to help these refugees by getting them housing, jobs, food, clothing and medical help(working together with people & organizations like the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society-Margaret Chisholm & Calgary Immigrant Aid Society(which he helped to get on it’s feet). He led his organization to help the Peoples of the First Nation by reaching out to poor children that belonged to different bands, like the Peigan Nation, Tsuu T’ina Nation and the Blood Reserve. He organized a pilgrimage run for the youth to bring awareness against crime and drug abuse on the Piikani, Peigan & Blood reserves.

It was imperative for him to support programs like the Opening Gates therapeutic riding school for disabled children. He still puts aside time to teach art to special needs children at the Third Academy (grade 10.11 & 12- volunteered time) He became a goodwill ambassador from Canada and traveled to many countries to help thousand of poor children and people like His Holiness the Dalai Lama. His Holiness the Dalai Lama met Mr. Bahl and was very grateful that he came from all the way from Canada to show compassion to his people. He set up water projects, gave medical aid, electricity, cultural facility, educational supplies, school bus etc.

He single handedly accomplished many projects that helped thousands of children in Canada and other parts of the world Mr.Bahl had to face many obstacles when he started the For the Love of Children Society’ from nothing to being recognized internationally. He has been fighting for the rights of immigrants to fighting against the spread of AIDS and child labor. All of this was done while he worked for a living (Canada Customs& Immigration) and having to look after his own family.

Although he has never asked for any recognition, Mr. Bahl has received recognition from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee Medal to being inducted in the volunteer wall of fame by the Wild Rose Foundation (Alberta community development) for being an outstanding volunteer ~Canadian Hero 2006 Readers Digest- Dec 5th 2003 -Immigrant of distinction Award 2004, 2005 The Alberta Centennial Medal from the Province of Alberta, Integrity Award 2006 by Rotary Club International, Humanitarian Award by Lions Club International- 88 Olympic Celebration Medal-Government of Canada-Peace Medal-2010 YMCA-The Peace officer Exemplary Service Medal/Governor General of Canada and is an accomplished artist and author of a poetry book (The Eyes of a Thousand Burning Candles- Carlton Press, New York).

In the words of Ashid Bahl- “In a world that has everything, enough food, medicine and technology to cater for the needs of everyone, it is sad to see children still living in poverty, abuse and neglect”. It is for this reason, he started this Society, to show people that everyone can make a difference and all it takes is to care and do for others who are less fortunate. He believes that here lies the true purpose as to why we are here. He says that there is no dream, no passion or goal to be reached that is richer than being of service to others in their hour of need.

Many a time he has said that life is not about us, it is about making life happen for someone else out there who is less fortunate, in that lies the true significance of living. Mr. Bahl wants Canada to head the way in providing aid around the world to the less fortunate and become the compassionate nation. He believes that if there is to be any peace or stability to be reached in this world, countries have to reach out to other countries and help the less fortunate.