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Earthquake in Nepal

Nepal was hit with a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in May of 2015, bringing infrastructural damage to its society and hardship on its civilians. Many of the “For the Love of Children Society” schools in Nepal suffered heavy damage and 10 students were killed as well. 3000 children and their families under our care were left homeless. They desperately need our help.
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Gumpa Centre in Kathmandu

On our 2013 aid mission to the Gumpa Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal, (see attached 2 photos) FTLOCS had provided $2,000 in funding for the Centre’s running costs and were pleased to learn that with the addition of the temple and monastery it has become more self- sufficient. The Society helped build this orphanage to help homeless Nepalese and Tibetan children that currently has 25 children residing. Tashi Lama, the priest is also conducting monastery teaching for other children in this district. This year an additional $1,200 was provided to the Centre for food, clothing, educational supplies and $1,666 for tiles to repair the roof.

well - Gumpa centre Well 2 - Gumpa Centre

New Art School in Bhaktpur

Suresh Pariyar, our agent continues to reach out to more destitute children by teaching them basic education and enabling them with an opportunity to learn the art of Thanka painting.

A further $2,714.00 was provided by FTLOCS for one year to cover for books, other educational supplies and rental costs for 3 rooms.
Currently, they have 6 students who could not afford to go to school.

well - Gumpa centre Well 2 - Gumpa Centre

Shree Hachowk school
Gumpa Center


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