Compelling Stories of FTLOCS

Some compelling stories of children we have helped in the past.

Dong Yue Wei

This wonderful story of hope and resilience is about a young 11 year old boy, Dong Yue Wei who was suffering from a benign tumor in his left jaw. We came to know of Dong’s medical condition from Dr. Man-Chiu Poon at the University of Calgary. In 1999 the Society helped bring Dong Yue to Canada from China where his tumor was successfully removed.

Dong’s a hemophiliac and requires a large amount of the expensive drug called Factor Eight which allows blood to properly clot; a product difficult to obtain in China. $80,000.00 worth of Factor Eight was provided to him through the Bayer Corp. with most of the medical services also provided for free. Additional related expenses were funded by the For the Love of Children Society. Without this treatment and medical aid, he would have not survived.

We are happy to report that today he has finished University, is happily married and has opened a clothing kiosk with his wife.